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Buy Feather Boas - Popular Colors & Styles

Feather boas have shown up all over the history books and reportedly date back to the 17th century when they were popular during the Victorian and Edwardian era. They faded out for awhile but then found their way back again in the 1920s, then made an appearance in the 1970s during the glam rock and Disco eras. The 1990's saw them once again and feather boas have even been trendy in the 21st century and are very fashionable at parties and events.

Did you know that Party Oasis carries the latest styles in feather boas? Whether you are celebrating a bachelorette or dressing up a 20's flapper costume, a feather boa is the perfect accessory. Our boas are made from a variety of feathers such as marabou, ostrich, & chicken.

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