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Spiked Masquerade Masks

Spike & Stud MasksWhether it's a kinky fetish or you are simply looking for a little something different for yourself or masquerade themed party, check out these great spiked masks from! From the full face spiked dominator mask to the Zevela Black Spike Mask, we have something for everyone.

We also carry a large and unique selection of Halloween masks and Day of the Dead masks.

Tiburon Black Spiked Mask
Vetron Leather Bird Mask
Tiburon Red Spiked Mask
Bauta Dominator Black Spike Mask
Phantom Stud Mask Black
Zevela Black Spike Mask
Yahiro Black Spiked Mask
Trex Leather Bird Masks
Supreme Spiked Eye Mask Black
Navarro Black Spiked Mask
Shiny Black Stud Eye Mask
Stud Kitty Mask
Spike Eye Mask
Mad Maxx Silver Mask Helmet
Gold Spiked Tragedy Mask
Mad Maxx Gold Mask Helmet
Silver Spiked Phantom Mask
Silver Spiked Tragedy Mask
Black Spike Skull Mask
Tiburon Silver Spiked Mask
Gold Spiked Phantom Mask
Yahiro Silver Spiked Mask
Zavela Bronze Spike Mask
Spiked Eye Mask Black
Phantom Stud Mask Antique
Zebra Spiked Eye Mask
Nova Spiked Eye Mask
Phantom Spike Mask
Red Spike Mask
Tendra Spiked Mask
Red Spike Mask

Regular Price: $24.95
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Red Spike Mask
Black Spike Mask
Fallen Angel Spike Mask Gold
Liberator Phantom Spike Mask Gold
Black Spike Mask

Regular Price: $24.95
Your Price: $19.95
Black Spike Mask
Fallen Angel Spiked Eye Mask Black
Liberator Phantom Spike Mask
Zolan Spiked Mask Silver
Dark Angle Spike Eye Mask
Dark Angle Spiked Eye Mask Black
Andromena Spike Mask Tan
Soren Stud Mask Gold
Andromena Spiked Eye Mask Silver
Soren Stud Mask Silver
Black Diamond Kitty Mask
Starlet Spiked Eye Mask Black
Zolan Spiked Mask Tan
Starlet Spiked Eye Mask Silver
Master Spike Mask
Matte Black Pleather Spiked Mask
Dominatrix Eye Mask
Red Spike Mask
Leather Spike Mask Brown
Leather Spike Mask Blue
Leather Spike Mask Dark Brown
Leather Spike Mask Green
Kirsten Neon Stud Mask Orange
Kirsten Neon Stud Mask Pink
Kirsten Neon Stud Mask Green