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Masquerade Masks for Masquerade Balls, Weddings, Prom, Theater and More! Over 500 Styles of Masquerade Masks to Choose From!

Planning a masquerade party? How about a masquerade wedding or ball? No matter the event, has the mask for you! From New Years to Mardis Gras and every party in-between.

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Fun fact about masquerade masks: A centuries-old tradition of Venice, Italy, Venetian masquerade masks are typically worn during the Carnival of Venice but have become extremely popular for many different occasions where hiding the wearer's identity and social status is the goal or just for the fun of it at masquerade balls, weddings, proms or parties. Many a romantic encounter has been initiated wearing masquerade masks and they have become trendy in the 21st century for all types of parties and events over and beyond the traditional Mardi Gras theme.

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Did you know the use of masquerade masks dates back to 1268, in Venice. Masks were used during the celebration of carnival, the annual celebration of the election of Doge Vitale Michieli? People from Venice also use masks during other festivities such as weddings. Eventually, royalties all across Europe adopted the Venetian tradition of wearing masks. It has become a custom to wear masks in masquerade balls since the 17th and 18th centuries.

Venetians popularize the use of masks to allow commoners to mingle with upper class citizens. Unfortunately, some people also use masks as disguise when they commit immoral acts. Masquerade-style masks are also important in improvisational theaters. These are useful in reflecting emotions including love and jealousy.

Venetians designed masks that mimic various characters and these are used in plays during various celebrations. However, the use of masks stopped after the Austrians had control of the city in the late 1700's. Later on, a group of artists rekindled the popularity of masquerade masks, and they created several other types and designs of masks.

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DISCLAIMER: All Venetian replica masks are hand painted and may have character flaws which is the nature of the art.

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